Which Ink Is More Expensive HP or Canon?

Which Ink Is More Expensive HP or Canon? Ink costs are a storm cloud that never seems to go away for any printer owner. This is a tough decision for many people, as they are two of the biggest brands in the industry. That’s right printer warriors; we’ve got your back with this deep dive into ink costs.

Which Ink Is More Expensive Hp Or Canon?

Understanding Ink Cartridge Costs

Before delving into the ring of HP versus Canon ink cost, let us shed some light on what are some of the factors considered in pricing ink cartridges:

  • Brand Matters (But Not Always):  There is no denying that brand recognition comes into play sometimes. OEM cartridges from HP or Canon usually will have a higher price tag when compared to compatible third-party options.
  • Different cartridge types mean different prices:  In reality though, high-yield cartridges designed for larger print volumes may seem expensive at first but end up being cheaper per page whereas standard-yield ones may be cheap initially but not operational if you frequently print documents.
  • Page Yield is Key:  The number of pages a cartridge can print (page yield) significantly impacts the cost per page. If a black-and-white document contains only text and no images or graphics, it might be more sensible to use an economy-saving mode that uses less toner thereby reducing printing costs per page.

Remember: Your upfront cartridge costs plus its page yield gives you a clear picture of how much you will spend on printing each page. Therefore, do not be fooled by the prices of any seemingly inexpensive cartridges without considering their respective yields!

Third-Party Ink: A Budget-Friendly Option?   Third-party ink cartridges can be significantly cheaper than OEM cartridges. Nonetheless, do consider compatibility issues with your printer model, fluctuating quality prints and loss of printer warranty.

HP vs. Canon Ink Prices

Now, let’s get down to business! Let us examine the ink prices of HP and Canon in detail:

  • Price Variations Across Models:  Both HP and Canon offer a wide range of printer models, each with its own set of ink cartridge options. No single brand can be named as a winner here; the cost depends on a particular model, you use it for a cartridge type (black or colour) and where exactly your geographical location is.
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To illustrate this point, let’s look at a sample comparison table:

Printer ModelCartridge TypeHP Ink Price (USD)Canon Ink Price (USD)Cost Per Page (HP)Cost Per Page (Canon)
HP Envy 6055Black High-Yield39.9944.990.040.05
Canon Pixma MG3620Black High-Yield29.9934.990.030.04
HP OfficeJet Pro 9015Color High-Yield89.9979.99

As can be seen from the table above, the cost per page varies depending on which specific cartridge you are using and the kind of printer model that you have chosen to go with it too. Sometimes for some types, an HP may be more expensive than other options while in others Canon could prove to be more economical.

When considering HP vs. Canon ink prices, remember these key points:

  • Black is usually cheaper than coloured cartridges across both brands,
  • High-yield cartridges typically offer a lower cost per page than standard-yield cartridges.
  • Do your research!  Compare prices on ink cartridges for your printer model at online retailers and manufacturers’ websites.

Unveiling HP Instant Ink

HP offers a subscription service called HP Instant Ink that is intended to simplify ink management. This is how it works:

  • Subscription Plans Tailored to Your Needs:  Choose a plan based on the number of pages you think you will print each month, and then let HP Instant Ink do the rest by automatically sending new cartridges before you run out.
  • Convenience at Your Doorstep:  No more scrambling for cartridges! Get them delivered directly through remote monitoring of your ink levels by HP.
  • Potential Cost Savings (for frequent printers):  Frequent printers might be able to save money compared to people who purchase individual cartridges at full price over time. However, occasional printers might end up paying for pages they don’t use.
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HP Instant Ink vs. Traditional Ink Cartridges

Not sure if signing up with HP Instant Ink is going to lead you into printing heaven? Let’s take a look at the numbers:

  • Total Cost of Ownership:  When considering whether or not to subscribe, consider both how much one normally gets from a single cartridge as well as how many pages are usually required in a month. This way, one can determine whether or not the subscription fee charged by HP Instant ink pays off in comparison with savings realized in using an alternative source of ink.

Here’s a breakdown to consider:

  • Scenario 1: Frequent Printer
    • You regularly print around three hundred pages per month.
    • On average, the HP Instant Ink scheme which allows for printing up to three hundred pages could cost approximately $29.99 every month.
    • If you replace it after three months, buying a high-yield cartridge for your HP printer can be approximately $40 (black) and $80 (colour), which totals $120, translating into $10 per month if the colour and black ink are used equally.

This would mean that HP Instant Ink could save on costs and also make automatic replenishment of ink possible.

  • Scenario 2: Occasional Printer
  • You print about fifty pages in a month.
  • The HP Instant Ink plan for 50 pages might cost around $4.99 monthly.

Here, traditional ink cartridges might be more economical as you might not use up the full 50 pages allotted in the HP Instant Ink plan before the next month’s billing cycle.

Remember:  These are just examples. Costs can vary depending on your specific printer model, cartridge types, printing habits, and HP Instant Ink plan chosen.

Choosing Between HP and Canon Printers

Price isn’t everything! Other factors to consider when choosing between an HP or Canon printer include:

  • Printing Performance:  Consider print quality, and speed of printer (laser vs inkjet); thus ensuring that it meets your needs such as photo printing which might be done by HP or even speed which may be associated with Canon printers
  • Additional Features:  Think about things like duplex printing that occurs automatically meaning we do not have to do anything; Wi-Fi connection ability and mobile printing to have better solutions during this process
  • Brand Reputation and User Experience:  Read product reviews; check brand dependability to see whose customers are happier with their purchase decisions according to consumer rankings.
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Numbers and figures aren’t enough. What about the practical experience? Let’s hear from some users:

  • Sarah Says HP Instant Ink Saves Her Time: “I used to always worry that my ink would run out at the very wrong moment, so it was a major inconvenience. But I don’t worry any more because HP Instant Ink keeps me in ink so that I concentrate on what matters.”
  • David Opts for Canon for Photo Printing: “While HP can be a good all-rounder, I find that Canon printers give better quality photos which are crucial for my photography hobby.”

These testimonies are meant to show us that our choice will depend on particular necessities and ways of printing.


Which Ink Is More Expensive HP or Canon? Well, there are pros and cons on both sides. Comparing features and costs will give you the optimal result.

The true champion depends on your unique printing habits. High-volume printers might find HP Instant Ink a time-saving and potentially cost-effective solution. Occasional printers, on the other hand, might be better suited with traditional ink cartridges.

Remember, ink cost is just one piece of the puzzle. Consider factors like printing performance, desired features, and brand reputation when making your final decision. Leverage the resources provided to delve deeper into specific printer models and ink cartridge options.

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